Safety is our #1 priority.


Our pilots are all all FAA part 107 certified. We follow all FAA UAS (Unmaned Aerial System) rules and regulations. Hiring a pilot that is NOT FAA Part 107 certified means that you are compromising the safety of the operation AND can result in your business being fined by the FAA (just for hiring illegally)!

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We perform a pre-flight checklist to ensure our drones are in the best flight condition, prior to starting the motors up. 

We also check the weather to make sure we have the proper visibility, wind level, and KP index prior to flight.

Depending on the flight, we will also issue a NOTAM, which keeps other manned aircraft abreast of our operations. 

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In Flight Operations

The FAA prohibits flight directly over any persons (not under a covered structure) and directly over any moving vehicles. 

The FAA also requires that the pilot remain VLOS (Visual Line of Sight) of the drone. 

When flying in controlled airspace, we also with utilize an aircraft radio to monitor other aircraft in the airspace. 


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The FAA regulates that drones can be flown from the surface up to 400ft AGL (above ground level) in uncontrolled airspace. 

Drones can be flow in controlled airspace if they have received prior authorization from the FAA. Badger Dronography has been authorized to fly with a 5 mile radius of the following major airports:

MSN - Dane County Regional Airport